Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)


Q. What is the NIC?

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Q. How does it benefit me?

A. The system has been found to be mutually advantageous to both the employer and the employee. It has relieved employers of the financial obligation of paying the wages of employees who are unable to work, while simultaneously meeting the wages of temporary, replacement workers.

It also provides replacement income for an employee in instances where a loss of income occurs as a result of some incapacity to work, whether short or long term.This is done, provided the employer and employee made regular contributions to the NIC in order to qualify for a benefit.

For maximum use of the benefits, you must know something about the operations of the National Insurance and your rights and obligations under the Corporation.


Q. How do I register?

A. You may register as soon as you have attained the age of 16 years. You must present your passport or birth certificate for registration.


Q. What is a registration number?

A. This number is your permanent identification at the NIC. It never changes and is never re-issued. It must be quoted on all correspondence between you and the National Insurance Office.


Q. What are my contributions?

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Q. Who benefits from the NIC?

A. Both the employer and the employee benefit from the NIC


Q. How do they benefit?

A. Employees receive some financial help either in the form of an allowance when there is a loss of income. Employers are relieved from the burden of paying the employees who are unable to work.


Q. What are the benefits?

A. A person may recieve the following benefits as they apply:-


Q. Who is an inspector?

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Q. Must I pay NIC if I am self employed?

A. No. You are not obligated to pay NIC. However if you are self-employed or unemployed and still choose to pay you must register at the National Inasurance Office as a Voluntary Contributor or a self-employed person

Voluntary Contributor:- Persons who are not self employed but wish to continue to have contributions paid on their behalf. These persons must have been in previous insurable paid employment.

Self Employed:- Persons who work on their own behalf and have no employer charged with the responsibility of paying contributions on their behalf.


Q. Am I entitled to the same benefits if I am a Voluntary Contributor?

A. Yes. Because of the contributions you make as a Self-Employed or Voluntary Contributor you are entitled to the same benefits listed above. But remember, the amount you contribute is not stipulated and the amount of benefits you receive is directly related to the level of contributions you make. Also you will need to contribute for twelve(12) consecutive months in order to receive benefits.


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