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Funeral Grant


Q. Would NIC assist in meeting the burial expenses of a deceased contributor?

A. Yes, a Funeral Grant would be paid to a person who has met the funeral expenses of a deceased insured person or the person who is likely to meet the funeral expenses.


Q. Is the amount of a funeral grant fixed?

A. A Funeral Grant of $1750.00 is payable on behalf of a deceased insured person. The amount is fixed at the moment but is increased periodically.


Q. Can an insured person receive a Funeral Grant on behalf of his/her dependent?

A. Yes, an insured person can receive a funeral grant on behalf of a deceased dependent child or spouse.


Q. What is the amount of a funeral grant payable on behalf of a deceased child?

A. The following is a schedule of the funeral grant payable on the death of a dependent child or spouse.

Age last Birthday Amount
Under 2 years $ 150.00
4 years $ 450.00
5 years $ 600.00
6 years $ 750.00
7 years $ 900.00
8 years $1050.00
9 years $1200.00
10 years $1350.00
11 years and older $1500.00


Q. What are the qualifying conditions for a funeral grant?

A. A funeral grant will be paid if the deceased person:

  • has satisfied the qualifying conditions for any benefit.
  • had paid at least six months contributions in the twelve months preceding his/her death.
  • has paid contributions equivalent to the amount of the funeral grant.
Q. When is the Funeral Grant paid?

A. The grant is paid as soon as a death certificate, a receipt or an invoice for funeral expenses and a claim for Funeral Grant is presented to the office.


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