Oct 25, 2012

Circular to all Employers

Dear Employer

The National Insurance Office has observed that some employers continue to deduct National Insurance from bonuses paid to employees.

We have advised against this practice in the past, but it still continues.

We wish therefore to remind employers that payments made to employees as:

  1. Bonuses (Christmas, Production, etc)
  2. Severance Payments
  3. Terminal Gratuities
  4. Notice Pay
  5. Payment in Lieu of Leave
  6. Travelling Allowances up to $500.00 a month

are not part of salaries/wages and do not attract deductions.

A definition of salaries/wages is provided at Sec II (2) of the National Insurance Regulations.

We at National Insurance encourage employers to contact the office for guidance and clarification on all National Insurance issues.

Augustin Louis
Marketing & Corporate Communications Manager

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